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whether this was a self made fluke (the equivalent of a one hit wonder) or the more common inheritance -- a trust fund baby.

Usually lacking a direct title and prestige, instead they made their own courts and lived the high life.

Maggie was definitely the pursuer and nobody's fool. Yes, Maggie had the money, but she and Jack had some sort of inexplicable connection, and it went beyond financial. He married a number of his conquests and had flings with American and French actresses and singers.

He was nicknamed The Pepper Mill for the size of his dick.

I walk along the street of sorrow -The boulevard of broken dreams -Where Gigolo and Gigolette -Can take a kiss without regret -and so forget their broken dreams.

R15, I think Greg Bautzer most certainly qualifies as a gigolo.

He relied on the kindness of rich and famous ladies of Hollywood to land him connections in the business, and once he was firmly established as an entertainment lawyer, he continued to squire La Crawford around town and abide by her strict rules on escorting.

They frequently crossed over with confirmed bachelors. While gigolos overlap with other kept men and prostitutes...

though some roots place them in as the equivalent of concubines, like the traditional houseboy, typically more working class (or pansy classed; many a great artist with a patron) elevated through pygmalion like schemes -- a non disclosure agreement as a trade-in for the lifestyle.

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