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And it was all real and organic—I really had fun on the show.” Her fans may have to wait to see Dani on another TV gig, however.

“Appearing on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami happened very out of blue—[Scott and I] just started hanging out,” and the producers took it from there, she says.

She rescues damsels in distress, loves her mother (and her grandmother) and is unabashedly self confident. MTV was hosting auditions at a bar, and people were telling me I should do an audition tape. ” Then I had a couple more drinks, and before you know it, I was in front of the camera. ” Little did we know it was even more than that; it was a bisexual show. Basically, they kept us on track because they know that the audience wants to know what’s going on, and sometimes we don’t explain well. The show was more realistic than I thought it would be. Since appearing on the show, do people treat you very differently? I figured it would be like this, but not to this extent. Do you think your upbringing has helped keep you grounded? Now I do speak openly with her, and our relationship is 10times stronger. It was in rural Florida, and I knew it would be a while before help could arrive. The car caught fire, and the driver was pinned under the dashboard.

“After the scene, the producers told me it was a great session.

Scott was really opening up and taking it all in—he had no idea about any of the laws that discriminate against gay people,” Dani says.

It’s hard to find nice clothes when you want to go out. That inspired me to create a more androgynous clothing line geared for women and men who are in the middle. When MTV asked me to describe myself during the audition, they gave me the option of saying feminine or butch. My goal for Futch Apparel is to make women and men like me feel comfortable and proud of who they are. I told Amy [Lesser] I wanted to go back out on stage with her, the party was so much fun.

We all witnessed your star appeal at the GO Magazine 5th Anniversary Party.

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“I was surprised, and happy, that so much of that scene aired.” She feels good that a popular series like Kourtney and Kim Take Miami is showing LGBT people in a positive way.

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