Updating clam antivirus in ubuntu Sex model chat demo

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Updating clam antivirus in ubuntu

Re-install, and your prior settings are still there. To clean everything: First, uninstall the program in usual fashion.

Apologies in advance if I take a day or two to respond - it's getting near my bed-time!Quick test: run freshclam (as superuser) with no parameters and check the output.If everything is OK you may create the log file in /var/log (owned by clamav or another user freshclam will be running as (--user) #touch /var/log/#chmod 600 /var/log/#chown clamav /var/log/Now you should edit the configuration file (or if they're merged) and configure the Update Log File directive to point to the created log file.N should be a number between 3 and 57 of your choice.Please don't choose any multiple of 10, because there are already too many clients using those time slots.

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Alas, I wasn't paying attention fully, and installed the app as a single user (forget the exact term and every time I try to go back to look, I lose everything I've written here.) Whenever I try to update the Clam AV database, I'm advised "Update Failed." I've now tried to fully uninstall and reinstall the whole Clam AV package three times in hope of getting the necessary options when opening the Clam TK window the first time - but it always defaults to what I thought I had uninstalled, and warns me that my last virus data-base update took place on the 18th February.

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