Updating actuals

Posted by / 08-May-2018 03:55

Each baseline is stamped with a date, but it is also a good idea to keep a log on the side to describe what each baseline represents.As major changes occur on the project, it is important to add any new, approved scope to the schedule and maintain the baseline.You can then hold that picture up against your current schedule to see if and how things are different.Baselining and variance reporting is also what allows for more visual reporting, such as ‘traffic light’ indicators.

Think of the baseline feature in Microsoft Project as an old-fashioned Polaroid camera, where you take a snapshot of a point in time and you instantly have a picture of what things looked like on a certain date.In our scenario, we have completed the first task “Review Process Documentation”, where we went over the baseline work estimate by 4 hours.As a result, the ‘Work Health’ indicator has turned yellow and the ‘Cost Health’ indicator has turned red.In addition to adding the new scope of work to the baseline, we can also add any tasks that are affected by the added scope.Imagine your sponsor asks to add a task to ‘Interview Customer’, which will impact your subsequent tasks and the project completion.

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In addition to ‘Baseline’ (which always represents the most recent version of the approved schedule), there are 10 baselines that can be used to save copies of baselines (Baseline 1 through Baseline10).