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Speed dating in nottingham

Their jet-set lifestyle was a staple of gossip columns.

When that relationship broke down, others soon followed.

More recently, Mr Ross spent two years dating Saffron Aldridge, the former face of Ralph Lauren whom he split from in April.

She was one of many he entertained at his huge villa on the sun-soaked, private Caribbean island of Mustique.

Over 13 years as the chief operating officer of Carphone, and latterly as a deputy chairman at the firm, he acquired a vast fortune, largely by investing intelligently in property.But his contacts extended to the world of politics as well.It says much about the esteem in which Mr Ross has long been held that senior Tories seriously considered nominating him as their candidate for Tory Mayor of London.These days, he divides his time between houses in Switzerland, London's Knightsbridge and his Grade I-listed mansion in Leicestershire, Neville Holt.A 13th-century, 30,000 sq ft house, it has 300 acres of woodland, 1,000 acres of arable land, and 100 acres of pasture to go along with the reputed 90 bedrooms.

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