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Bird also shot an elderly single woman, who was one of twins, on Drigg Road in Seascale, locals said.

Bird crashed and dumped his car at the Boot Inn, continuing on foot into the woods where his body was found.

A taxi driver went on a shotgun rampage today, killing 12 people and wounding at least 25 before turning his weapon on himself.

Divorced father-of-two Derrick Bird, 52, shot several colleagues in Whitehaven in Cumbria, then drove his cab through the countryside of the Lake District blasting other victims apparently at random.

He said: "We are still reeling from the disaster with the Keswick school bus.

The majority of children on that bus were from here in Whitehaven and surrounding villages and to be faced with this in such a short time is truly dreadful." Local MP Jamie Reed said the community was "exceptionally close-knit". "It's the kind of place where you can leave your door open, so it's the kind of thing that really does shake the very foundations." Three people were in a critical condition in hospital, sources said.

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Early reports suggested that Bird also killed his mother, but Cumbria Police later confirmed that she was alive and being looked after by her family.