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Moreover, there are no (or a statistically insignificant number of) creatures that we might suppose or rationalize as evolving.

The second at some later event (such as the Fall of Adam) at which time the death causing process of radioactivity on earth may have begun.In short, the theory of evolution states that lower life evolved over eons into higher life forms.Many lower life forms (generally single cells or plants) are asexual, which is what one would expect if the theory of evolution had any validity.Furthermore, the offspring of cross specie types are always sterile (such as the mule, an offspring of a horse and donkey or the offspring of one type of dolphin mating with another type of dolphin.).The second most compelling evidence for instantaneous creation pertains to the spherical halos caused by the decay of a radioactive core.

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But we don't see any missing links to speak of, or creatures in transition.