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Chloe leaves and Clark walks over to Lois, who is sitting at her desk.

He hands her some paperwork from the network and asks what she is working on.

→ see also Category: Screencaps from episode 9x06 Lois is auditioning for a job hosting 'Good Morning Metropolis'. Clark misses a line and Lois asks for another take.

Oliver and the woman go for a drive, she introduces herself as Mia.They begin to argue and the producer notices their banter, smiling.Clark admits that he only agreed to help Lois out with the audition because he was trying to make things up to her, so that there would be a possibility he could take her out on a "second" date.Lois gives Clark a look, and he reluctantly nods his agreement to do the show with her.Back at the Daily Planet, Clark is looking over some paperwork, when Chloe comes in and asks about Lois' interview.

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Lois gloats to Clark that she won't forget him when she goes national.