Relative dating practice with answers

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Relative dating practice with answers

The Channel 4 documentary traces the tragic tale of how this man, born into the British Royal Family, was forced against his will into accepting a German dukedom, found himself fighting for the Kaiser in World War I, was deprived of all his British titles and branded a "traitor peer" - and then, even more tragically, assisted Hitler's rise to power and ended his days as a convicted Nazi.

Now, here was her daughter, who would one day be monarch, proposing to marry - only two years after the defeat of the Third Reich - a Prince of German blood, whose four sisters had all married Germans and whose brothers-in-law had fought for Hitler.The only member of his German family to be invited was his mother, Princess Alice, and even she was requested to divest herself of the sombre grey nun's habit she had adopted after suffering a nervous breakdown when her bisexual husband, Prince Andrew of Greece, left her for a mistress in Monte Carlo.But there was one royal figure whose scandalous life and career perhaps did more than anything else to unite the opposition to Philip's entry into the Royal Family.When he was a carefree 14-year-old schoolboy at Eton, his mother, the widowed Duchess of Albany, wrote to him: "Don't forget work and duty over your pleasures. "If my words read hard, understand that they come out of a full heart, full of love and anxiety, to help you become a good man, so that you bring no shame on Papa's name." But while he was still only a boy, his grandmother, Queen Victoria, made a decision that was to ruin his life. And so, at 16, Charles Edward was forced to leave his home and become Carl Eduard, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, with 13 castles in Germany and Austria, hunting lodges, hotels, a power station, tens of thousands of hectares of rich arable farmland in Bavaria and a duchy with an income worth £17million in today's value.She decreed that Charlie should become Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the German principality from which the Queen's husband Albert had come. He was enrolled at Germany's top military academy by the bombastic Kaiser, who then married off Charlie to his own niece, Victoria, by whom he had three sons and a daughter.

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Now he was a prisoner, ostracised by his royal relations and branded a traitor to his country.

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