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Non commercial dating

If an image is not OK, consider asking the author to release their work under a free license such as CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution license), or CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike).All description pages on Commons must indicate clearly under which license the materials were published, and must contain the information required by the license (author, etc.) and should also contain information sufficient for others to verify the license status even when not required by the license itself or by copyright laws.This page gives non-lawyers an overview of complicated copyright laws through an example-based tutorial.It aims to help uploaders decide whether an image or other media file is acceptable on Wikimedia Commons.

However, the distinctions are unclear and may differ from country to country.

A license can only be granted by the copyright holder, which is usually the author (photographer, painter or similar).

All copyrighted material on Commons (not in the public domain) must be licensed under a free license that specifically and irrevocably allows anyone to use the material for any purpose; simply writing that "the material may be used freely by anyone" or similar isn't sufficient.

In that case the copyright of those paintings does not have to be taken into account. The Commons: De minimis policy has more information about this concept.

Note that the license for all aspects has to be determined and mentioned explicitly.

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Specifically, the following information must be given on the description page, regardless if the license requires it or not: These points of the description can be done at best using the Information template.

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