Granny dating in chattanooga area

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Granny dating in chattanooga area

A conductor fell off of a train, and His head was tore off by the train wheels and He searches on foggy nights and on the death date for his head with a single light that if you walk toward it, It'll stay right there , But you feel nothing at all! Loud, very clear sounds of someone walking around are heard in both the day and the night.

The house is said to have a very unnatural influence on many people.

He then disappears and you can hear the rope swinging.

The dare was to at midnight, walk across the bridge and back.

in the 1850's) on its grounds, these grounds are said to house a very unfriendly spirit.

The spirit is said to have a dog like head, lion sized body with the coarse mane like hair, and deep red eyes.

There is a railroad crossing where many people have reported a strange, unexplainable light on the tracks.One an old lady was killed by a coyote in the woods across the street from Loroe Lane.As the most realistic story yet she will come and watch you sleep at night if you live on Loroe Lane.His wife died first and he just said that she lost her faith.He died about 20 yrs later but you can still see candlelight and hear him building on the house even during the day.

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