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"The' can have the assurance thai it's being properly done," she said. sophomore in architectural engineering, said there were good and bad points about paying laxes.

"With a pro- fessional, they are assured thai the right questions arc being asked." Schluck ^id students should be caieful to not leave Important mi'ormation out when filing their taxes. "Everybody knows that taxing is neces- sary, but It's hard to pay the government after hearing about all the wasted tax dollars." he said.

"One thifg students may not know is lo report scholarships or grants that weren't used for tuition and books," she said. Schluck said the time for a refund to he relumed varies depending on how students file their taxes. Tracy Schocpflin, freshman in account- ing, said she is among the many college stu- dents who still have their parents do then taxes.

Schluck said people can still file exten- sions However, extension forms must be postmarked by midnight as well. People who use Telcfile should receive refunds within three weeks But individuals using standard forms might have to wait longer "If students haven't received a refund within six to eight weeks, they might want lo call the IRS," Schluck said. "This year is Ihe first time I've had a job, so 1 had my parents do them," she said.

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