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Disqus recent comments not updating

However, this method is limited and does not give you access to most of the more powerful query features. Full details can be found in the Elastic Search URI request docs.

More powerful and complex queries, including those that involve faceting and statistical operations, should use the full Elastic Search query language and API.

Elastic Search allows one to associate multiple mapping definitions for each mapping type.

Explicit mapping is defined on an index/type level.

Filters, are really special kind of queries that are: mostly basic (though boolean compounding is alllowed); limited to one field or operation and which, as such, are especially performant.

Its been used quite a bit at the Open Knowledge Foundation over the last few years.

Mined diamond production in 2017 is estimated to be 142.3 million carats worth .6B (see appendix below), which would be an 11.5% increase in carat volume produced over 2016 and an 9.9% increase in total value produced, Paul Zimnisky's Rough Diamond Index shows.

The top 10 largest mines in the world by value produced are estimated to represent 58% of global production.

If you were just using Elastic Search standalone an example of an endpoint would be:

Key urls: Basic queries like this have the advantage that they only involve accessing a URL and thus, for example, can be performed just using any web browser. size, from etc) that you can also specify to customize the query and its results.

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