Did joss stone dating raphael saadiq who is wayne brady dating 2016

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Did joss stone dating raphael saadiq

Racism is upsetting, so I don’t think it’ll ever be like, ‘Oh that’s fine’ — it’s never a nice thing to say.” Stone calls the Oscars diversity row “a bit dodgy” too.

“To say that it’s strange for this person to have this or that part because of their skin colour is racist.

She sang for Harry’s charity, Sentebale, in Lesotho at the opening of a new centre for children with HIV in November, and at William and Kate’s wedding in 2011.

Both brothers, she says, are “good, completely down-to-earth, beautiful human beings. We’re just good friends; he’s a nice, friendly chap who I’ve met at lots of wonderful events.” She is happiest at home in Devon, off the radar, in the house she grew up in and bought from her parents after they divorced when she was 18.

It shines out of them every time you see them.” How close is she to them? She has four dogs including a Rottweiler, which she credits for helping her through the trauma she experienced in 2011 when two men were caught near her home armed with weapons, including a samurai sword, apparently intent on robbing and beheading her.

“Well, I’m not in the pub with them every Friday but I’ll always help them out with whatever they ask me to do.” So she’s never wanted to marry Harry? These days she likes “baking cakes, hanging out, chilling, drinking wine and walking my dogs” with Si and his six-and-a-half year-old son, who, she says, is “a cutie, the sweetest little thing in the world”. “I mostly only smoke weed when I have a purpose for it.

On that note, Si reappears to tell her it’s time to leave for the airport. “I just have to finish the whole world and then I’m good.” Barnardo’s Presents: Joss Stone and Friends is at the Roundhouse on Sunday May 15.They’re probably the best actors we’ll see but I ain’t gonna to be one of those,” she jokes, her voice lapsing into the Jamaican patois for which she has been mocked in the past.Inevitably, Stone has had to weather a barrage of insults, which peaked in December when she was named Billboard’s top reggae artist of 2015.She once said they broke up and got back together every week. When it’s lovely, it’s the loveliest thing in the world, and when it’s not, it’s like, the end of the world.” Their volatile relationship, together with Stone’s determination to finish her current world tour — she reckons she has another two or three years to go — means she has considered freezing her eggs. I don’t know if that means anything to you but we’re quite strong, fiery characters.

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“I recognised that what they needed was the opposite of what I wanted, so it was easy. It’s just pootling along.” She’d love to do more acting, having appeared in the dragon fantasy film Eragon 10 years ago and played Anne of Cleves in the 2009 TV rompfest The Tudors.