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I ticked a box by mistake which was for missed event insurance on tickets purchased on Ticketmaster. A homeless couple that I tried to help took a photo of card downloaded the bank app and began making purchases online .

The amount is added to your purchase immediately, without the option of reviewing your order before the sale is completed. And saudbank can see it's been hacked compromised or whatever they call it,.

This charge was made by a company that calls themselves technet a computer scam that is a popup locking your computer claiming to be Microsoft and tells you to call the number on the screen then they fix your computer and charge you a lot of money it is a scam but they claim you called them they did not call you. I would call your cc company and tell them and shut down your card and get a new one.

Vibram company in the united states has informed me this site is selling counterfeit products.

This merchant is linked to a counterfeit shoe retailer (UK site): ("cheap adidas trainers").

There was an unauthorized charge on my credit card dated 5/13/2018. Then, another email received that shows the items that I ordered and promised to send tracking in 48 hours.

I called the number above and they said they are a discount insurance exchange. No email and tracking receive but they charge my account 48 hours or so ago.

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My card has been charged twice and lost almost $2000 to these people Another misuse from this on my statement FHT*YULIANG SHENZHEN SHE i HAVE BLOCKED MY CARD NOW .

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