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Drivers with an i Phone may be able to take advantage of Apple Car Play™.

Those with any type of smartphone should be able to enjoy features like hands-free calling via Bluetooth connectivity.

Pairing a phone with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle has never been easier.Some of these include a dead battery, a bad starter, a bad alternator, a bad sensor, or even a stretched or broken timing belt.If you hear a click with you try to start the ignition, then it is likely your starter but it may also be your battery.And every new Mercedes-Benz comes with the elite mbrace® Connect system with allows new owners of these luxury vehicles to control select vehicle functions from the comfort of their phones.Which way of pairing a phone to your vehicle is best for you?

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All of this functionality is integrated into the vehicle's in-dash display, central controller, and steering-wheel buttons for premium ease-of-use.