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Consolidating a federal student loan

All federal and private student loans are considered unsecured debt.

That means they are not backed by collateral, by some asset – a house, a car, a piece of land.

This new option follows through on President Obama’s promise to provide student graduates with relief on their student loan payments and help them responsibly manage their debt payments.

In all income-driven repayment plans, the amount of your monthly payment will be calculated on the basis of the money you make, not the money you owe—specifically, your payment will be based on your discretionary income.

A consolidation loan may ease the strain on a borrower’s budget by lowering the borrowers overall monthly payment.

The minimum monthly payment on a consolidation loan may be lower than the combined payments charged on a borrower’s Federal education loans.

Then they subtract 150% of the federal poverty line for your family size.

Under this plan the required monthly payment will be based on your income during any period when you have a partial financial hardship. The maximum repayment period under this plan may exceed 25 years.

If you meet certain requirements over a specified period of time, you may qualify for cancellation of any outstanding balance of your loans.

Your monthly payments will be at least , and you’ll have up to 30 years to repay your loans with a fixed interest rate.

The standard plan is a good fit for you, if according to your budget the IBR, ICR and PAYE plans are higher in monthly payment, as the standard plan does not account for your finances.

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This plan gives you the flexibility to meet your Direct Loan obligations without causing undue financial hardship.

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