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And with a divorce rate of just above 1% proponents argue arranged marriage is an effective way for young people to find a partner.But what happens when a proposed marriage goes awry?; Senate Report: Russia Wanted to Help Trump in 2016 Election; Senate Panel Breaks with House on Russia Meddling. Aired 4-p ET • Netanyahu: Iran Crossed "Red Line" with Missile Attacks; Interview with Republican Congressman Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania; Cheney: Enhanced Interrogation Program Should Be Active And Ready To Go; Sen. Tillerson Appers To Troll Trump On Truth And Facts. ; Melania Trump Undergoes Kidney Surgery at Walter Reed; Turkey Recalls Ambassadors to U. ; This Week Marks One Year Since Mueller's Probe Started; Controversial Pastors Offer Blessings At Embassy Opening.Aired 4-p ET • Will Trump's Own Words Doom Travel Ban? Aired 4-p ET • Nashville Shooting Suspect Arrested; Van Plows Into Pedestrians in Toronto.; Jeff Sessions Stays Quiet on Resignation Threat; White House Stands Behind Controversial VA Nominee; Interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts; Trump Thanks Kanye West for Support on Twitter. Aired -5p ET • Did Trump Lie About Wealth to Reporter?

Aired -5p ET • Pressure Intensifies in Russia Probe; Secretary of State Nominee Faces Confirmation Hearings; Syria Strike Decision Expected Soon.; Pence: These People are Victims, They're Being Exploited.Aired 4-p ET • Where Will Trump and Kim Jong-un Meet? Aired -5p ET • NYT: Russian Lawyer at Trump Tower Meeting had Closer Ties to Kremlin Than Previously Known; House Republicans Trying to Distract From Mueller Probe? Aired 4- ET • Trump Praises Progress Made in North Korea Talks; Lawmakers Hammer Homeland Security Chief On Funding; Police Use DNA Genealogy Site To Catch "Golden State Killer. Aired -5p ET • President Trump Seeking to Assist Chinese Company? Aired 4-p ET • White House Under Fire for Mocking Mc Cain's Brain Cancer; Dozens of Palestinians Killed in Protests as U. Opens Jerusalem Embassy; President Trump Seeking to Assist Chinese Company?Mc Cain Pushes GOP To Reject CIA Nominee Haspel; Fox News Guest: Torture "Worked" On John Mc Cain.

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