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Posted by / 03-May-2018 21:37

It did initially have that reputation, but that stigma is reducing and the app has evolved to become much more of a general dating app, branching out and providing more services.

After creating your own profile page with a photo, you are shown potential matches and if you’re not interested, you swipe their photo to the left.

So I’ve also tried out the Christian dating sites, and well….they’re a bit naff to be honest.

I’m a millennial, and millennials like progressive things, and the truth is that I want to use something a bit more socially progressive than Christian Connection or Christian Mingle, and that means Tinder. (Read on to find out if I’m still using it) On my personal bio, I explicitly stated that I’m a Christian, looking to meet another Christian.

Undoubtedly, out of 25 million active Tinder users, some of them will be Christian. I have nothing against unbelievers, but it’s a known fact that there are some significant lifestyle differences especially relating to premarital sex.

Some of the men I spoke to made me feel like a commodity.

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It has generated more than 9 BILLION matches to date. It is by far, the most popular dating app, with the second most popular app based on numbers being ‘OKCupid,’ with 2.5 million monthly active users; significantly less than Tinder.