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Chat with mommies for adult babies

“I told you there would be retribution if you did not bring me Easter dinner leftovers,” Hammett warned.

In one exchange, Hammett’s long-suffering mother writes: “You are an awful child. You’re killing your mother Elizabeth.” In another, she calls her daughter an “ungrateful brat.” Hammett might get a taste of her own medicine one day — she has a 4-year-old son!

"The apocrine glands, which are linked to body odor and clustered in the underarm, nipple, and groin, don't turn on until puberty," explains Dee Anna Glaser, MD, vice chairman of the department of dermatology at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

Don't worry, your little one isn't destined for a career as a ventriloquist.

"Young babies automatically experiment with their voice box," explains Dr. "In adults, the vocal cords and lips are working together to form words, but a baby isn't following these rules." Babies don't yet have the motor skills to coordinate sound with lip movement.

"Before 6 months, an American, Chinese, and French baby will all make the same spontaneous, universal sounds," says Dr. "After 6 months, imitation takes off, and babies from different countries will begin to move toward language-specific mouth movements and sounds."We wish we could tell you that the fierce, amazing love you feel for your precious newborn was mutual from the start, but that wouldn't be entirely honest.

The thing is, your baby does not have anything approximating the life experience and self-awareness you have, so by necessity this thing called "love" means something very different to each of you.

The Ohio-based prankster began documenting their exchanges on Facebook in an album she titled “Texts from my Mother.” After screenshots were shared on Reddit on Sunday, April 3, they quickly racked up more than 200,000 views."It would be a logical assumption that babies do dream and that it has something to do with their brain development since they spend so much time in this stage of sleep," says Dr. But it's hard to imagine the landscape of your baby's dream world since he doesn't have language or clear concepts of people and things.Chances are, he isn't having nightmares, though, since he probably doesn't grasp the meaning of fear yet.Hammett’s public Facebook page now has nearly 180,000 followers.Hammett’s hijinks include changing her mother’s phone settings to autocorrect a word to “butt,” pretending to be in police custody — and stealing silverware as punishment for not delivering food.

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"We like to see kids get hiccups," says Parents advisor Mark Widome, MD, professor of pediatrics at Penn State Children's Hospital, in Hershey.