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The film included topless beach swimming scenes (and some stylish photography as the camera dipped underwater and provided a gigantic closeup, and then panned up to Sally's face).She was swimming with equally unclothed Melissa (Meredith Ostorm) who was wearing a shell necklace.: sequels (from 2005-2009).Edward Grey (James Spader) in a kinky sado-masochistic, power relationship.He demonstrated control over her life by appealing to her vulnerable, masochistic and submissive tendencies through various mind-games and physical humiliations (i.e., a slave-like dog collar, or pretending that she was a horse with a saddle on her back and carrot in her mouth).Earlier, Van Wilder had advised Taj on his "foolproof plan" of sexual technique: "All you need are the three fundamentals: scented candles, massage oil, and Barry White" - although Taj's "hot" date with pretty blonde Naomi (Ivana Bozilovic) ("That's 'I moan' backwards") proved disastrous.Calling her "my little Jasmine flower," he tripped on the floor, and when he liberally applied oil to her back and she begged: "Take me, I want you now," he jumped onto her, but slid across her back onto the floor and started a fire.He justified himself through his next arthouse film The film opened with Nathalie theatrically performing an erotic, fully-nude supine strip-tease and self-pleasuring in front of an enthralled audience.

In another scene, he had Lee lean over a desk as he spanked her to punish her for a small typo error that he had marked with his thick red pen.

After they met during her visit, Tanino would optimistically follow her to the US after the summer was over to track her down.

He faced misadventures after finding that she was now uninterested in him, including being accused of becoming the lover of Sally's mother.

Grey eventually relented and admitted his love for her.

She was carried to a hidden room in his law office where he removed her wedding dress, lovingly bathed her in a cast-iron tub, and then made love to her on a bed of grass.

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Now five years later, Swain starred in this cheaply-titillating, sexy teen thriller by director Zoe Clarke-Williams - actually made in 1999 and kept on the studio's shelf.